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Occupational Health and Safety Principles
and Nursing Certification Review
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This is a wonderful course. I think it should be given to all Occupational Health Nurses, young or old! The course was helpful to know how to study for the test.—Chicago, IL

The entire course was an excellent review and initial introduction to many issues. Extremely motivating
—wonderful method of presentation. Annette's knowledge with experience I can only say SUPERB!—Atlanta, GA

So much information put into a format that I can reasonably I don't feel so overwhelmed.—Boston, MA

I am new to the industrial arena but this course will help give me a good foundation.—San Francisco, CA

This was an excellent review course. The presentation was very professional, organized and detailed.—Washington, DC

Superb! Material is very organized. One of the best courses I've ever attended. Motivating.—Orange, CA

Ms. Haag is able to impart her level of knowledge and amount of experience to others in an effective, enjoyable and cohesive manner.
—Atlanta, GA

First program I attended that I'll be able to use. Presented information and manuals will not go into a corner to collect dust.—Boston, MA

Excellent course. Covered a massive amount of information. Well focused and organized. I can't imagine taking certification test without this course.—San Francisco, CA

This course was worth every bit of money that it cost—wonderful.
—Chicago, IL

Annette B. Haag, MA, RN,
  Annette Haag, MA, RN, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHNPresident, Annette B. Haag and Associates, Past president of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Trustee for the American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation. With 40 years of experience, she is nationally and internationally recognized in the field of health and safety.

Course Includes:
Participative lectures
Written tests prior, during and at conclusion of course
24.3 hours of continuing education credit approved by CA BRN
Certificate of completion
Comprehensive workbook/resource manuals and classroom materials
Test taking techniques and strategies for preparing and studying for the COHN and COHN-S examination
State-of-the-art information to prepare OHNs for the future

Designed For Nurses:
Employed full or part-time in the field of Occupational Health
Preparing for the American Board of Occupational Health Nurses Certification Exams—COHN or COHN-S
Considering entering the field of Occupational Health Nursing
Setting up Occupational Health Programs

Valuable Information For:

Case Managers  Risk Managers  Safety Consultants
Physicians  Workers' Compensation Claims Personnel
Directors/Administrators of Occupational Health Facilities

Course Content

Management/Coordinator/Consultant Functions:
Provide advice and manage Occupational Health and Safety Programs, services and staff
Assessment of corporate, environmental and employee needs
Analysis of health and safety data to identify program and organization status/needs
Review of managerial roles, concepts, principles, applications, mission statement, strategic planning systems, staffing, facilities, policies and procedures, budgets, cost benefit/cost effective analyses
Knowledge base necessary to the practice of OHN
Review of collaborative relationships with management, employees, health and safety professionals, providers, and community agencies and representatives
Establishment of networks of qualified providers of health and safety services
Scope, definition, ethical issues and standards of OHN practice
Recordkeeping systems in the OH setting/principles of confidentiality
Review/design of legally mandated health and safety programs (OSHA, ADA, FMLA, DOT, CLIA, etc.)
Design and evaluation of health and safety programs and expected outcomes/TQM/CQI

Clinical Functions in OHN Practice:
Clinical care, environmental relationships, counseling, client advocacy, and change agent

Assessment of individual's physical and mental health status and needs
Health and medical surveillance systems and programs
Identification/symptomatology/management of occupational diseases and injuries
Health effects and medical/environmental monitoring of environmental stresses (chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic), principles of toxicology
Worksite walk-through surveys, industrial hygiene and safety principles
Case management/managed care/rehabilitation
Primary care, nursing diagnosis, nursing guidelines, interventions and expected outcomes
Counseling/employee assistance programs

Advisor/Educator Functions in OHN Practice:
Health protection, health promotion, health education, and research
Health protection/health promotion/health education program design
Survey methods and identification of learning needs
Knowledge of the work environment/control measures
Planning interventions/expected outcomes related to health protection, promotion and education
Health and safety training and education programs
Research and epidemiology in OHN
Continuing Education Credits

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #9971 for 24.3 contact hours.