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We are committed to providing “state of the art” information on key trends in Occupational Health to assist professionals in advancing their careers and obtaining their COHN or COHN-S certification.
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Mayrose Snyder Award
—for highest score on the ABOHN COHN-S Certification Exam
Angeli Mancuso of California received at 2013 AAOHN Annual Conference in Las Vegas
Sandra Elliott of Illinois received at 2009 AAOHN Symposium & Expo in Orlando
Nancy Johnson of Washington received at 2008 AAOHN Symposium & Expo in Salt Lake City

Victoria Koehler of Maine received at 2007 AAOHN Symposium & Expo in Orlando

Marty Arthur of California received at 2005 AOHC in Minneapolis
Jennylynn Pickett of Virginia received at 2000 AOHC in Philadelphia
Tam Smalstig of California received at 1999 AOHC in New Orleans
Marguerite Ahern Graff Excellence in Occupational Health Nursing Award
—for highest score on the ABOHN COHN Certification Exam
Cindy Dust of Connecticut received at 2008 AAOHN Symposium & Expo in Salt Lake City
Marian Crawford of Texas received at 2004 AOHC Conference in Kansas City
Elaine Shoening of Iowa received at 2004 AOHC Conference in Kansas City
Course Testimonials
I attended your class at UCLA in November. I sat for the COHN-S exam the following week, and I know for a fact that the information that you provided at your course was the reason that I passed the exam! I did a little reading of the fundamentals book before taking your course, and reviewed your texts for a couple of days afterwards, that was it. I highly recommend that anyone take your review course, and thank you so much for the work that you do to put together such a comprehensive program. It was the most interesting course that I’ve ever taken. Your experiences tied everything together, and there was not one moment of boredom in the entire three days. You have led one fantastic life, lady! St. Louis, MO
Your class was superb and right on point, I studied the two books and went to the websites you recommended and that was it!  I would say 95% of the questions were all related to things we discussed in class and read in your books.  The course was worth every penny!Phoenix, AZ
Superb! Material is very organized. One of the best OH courses I've ever attended. Motivating.—Orange, CA
I am new to the industrial arena but this course will help give me a good foundation in occupational health. —San Francisco, CA
This was an excellent occupational health review course. The presentation was very professional, organized and detailed.—Washington DC
Thank you—terrific—just an excellent program. I thought it was worth every dime. Really shares everything. Looks at customer satisfaction. Great energy.—White Plains, NY
Great information by a knowledgeable presenter with an overt passion for Occupational Health Nursing.—Washington, DC

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